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Quilted Items
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Theme Quilts, such as:

Earnhardt Couch Quilt


This is a baby quilt that I was commissioned to make.  It was for a baby boy and the theme was Sports Balls.  The blue snowball blocks give the illusion of balls and the other snowball blocks are made from a sports theme fabric that had various sports balls on it.  The corner triangles of each block come together in such a way that they make a secondary star design, showing that the little feller that got this quilt was an 'all-star'.  The star points extend into the borders.  It is beautifully machine quilted in a meandering design.


     The quilt below is a twin size Football themed quilt.  The brown pieces come together to form football shapes that flip flop across the quilt top.  Two alternating blocks form the design; the snowball block and a nine patch.  It is machine quilted with a overall meandering quilting design.


This is a queen size quilt, made of alternating snowball and nine-patch blocks.  It has a tennis theme; with a hint of the squares of a net showing and interlocking tennis rackets; and the main focus fabric has tennis balls and raquets on it.  This was machine quilted.


This is a twin size Pokemon theme quilt.