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Tropical Storm At Sea Quilt
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This quilt is an oversized twin quilt made in the traditional Storm at Sea pattern. 
However, by fussy cutting and the tropical colors give it a totally different look. 
The large diamonds have various undersea creatures in them, such as various species of fish. 
The horizontal elongated diamonds have whales and dolphins or porpoises in them. 
The vertical elongated diamonds have ocean backgrounds such as coral or seahorses in it. 
The red points form a secondary star pattern. 
The four elongated diamonds surrounding the large center diamond give the illusion of circle. 
These same elongated diamonds form diagonal waves coursing across the quilt in both directions.  The yellow is bits of sunlight piercing down into the watery depths. 
The green is algae, kelp and various sea plants.
The entire quilt was quilted on a domestic machine in a mottled pattern that gives the impression of the shimmery surface on the ocean.