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Will of Andreas Brinker
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Will of Andreas Brinker

      Will of Andreas Brincker.  Dated Mar. 12, 1 764.
 Original in hands of Recorder of Wills, Easton, Northampton Co., Pa. File 372.
 In the name of God-Amen.  March the 12th in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred sixty four, I, Andreas Brincker, in the County of Northampton, of Lower Saucon Township-yeoman, being sick, but in perfect mind an d memory, therefore I will make my last will and testament.
 I, Premier, it is my will that I do order and give; that in the first place that my wife Saray and my son Olrig Brincker be the executors of my estate and Olrig Brincker have the place above in possession.  Now the Real Estate is valued to 250 pounds, and my wife I will and do bequeath to be given fifty pounds lawful money, and out of the whole a cow, a chest, a whole bed, beadstead[sic] and (?).  And my son, Olrig Brincker, to have the horses, the plow and gears.  And I will bequeath to my son Hendrig Brincker, twenty pounds lawful money of Penna. out of the estate.  And the remainder of the estate to be divided between the three sons namely, Olrig Brincker, Conrad Brincker, and Jacob Brincker, equal shares in the whole.  And my daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Bessen[sic] to have out of the whole estate six pounds, and a cow, and all the moveables to be valued at appraisement.  And my son Jacob is in debt to the estate ten pounds, and that I do give unto him for a present.  And this I will have to be my last will and testament, sealed, signed, published and ?
Andreas Brincker [his mark]
Anthony Lerch
Rudolph Overly [his mark]

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