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Obituary of John Wesley Brinker
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Obituary of John Wesley Brinker

      The following is from a newspaper clipping in the possession of Joyce (Norris) Fox; it is believed to be from the Lodi, Medina Co., Ohio newspaper:
                  FALL FATAL TO JOHN BRINKER
 Drop of twenty-two feet from barn at Lodi is followed dy [sic] death
 "Injuries received Tuesday of last week, when he fell 22 feet from a barn roof, proved fatal Sunday to John Brinker, of Lodi, formerly of West Salem.  The body was buried here Tuesday.
 "Mr. Brinker was working on a barn being constructed along the W. & L. E. tracks and fell to the ground, workmen say alighting feet foremost.  It is thought in falling his head struck the building.
 "He was carried to a nearby house and there attended to until evening when he was taken home.
 "Not until Friday, when Dr. R. S. Hosler of West Salem, was called into the case, was the seriousness of Brinker's injuries realized.
 "Dr. Hosler found upon close examination, that the injuries were very serious and threatened to produce meningitis, which because of long time elapsing between the accident and the time the condition was found, might prove fatal.
 "All possible medical attention was given but the efforts proved futile.
 "Dr. Hosler found upon his arrival injuries sustained to Mr. Brinker's head were such that the brain would undoubtedly be effected.  Besides cuts and bruises a severe injury was found on the back of the neck.
 "Brinker had been delirious at several times on one occasion having left his bed and tied handkerchiefs around his ankles.
 "The survivors beside the widow, are several small children.  The Brinker family, before moving to Lydi [sic], lived on the M. Keyser farm, in the house which burned down last winter while it was their home."
     The following is from the Medina County Gazette newspaper of Medina Co., Ohio; dated 16 Apr 1915; page 6:
 "John Brinker died at his home on Elyria street on Sunday morning, Apr 11.  His death was the result of a fall sustained nearly a week previous while working on a barn for A. Buffham.  He was buried at West Salem, his former home on Tuesday."
      The following is from Ibid:
                                     The Way of Life
 "BRINKER. -- At his home in Lodi, on Apr. 11, John Brinker.  Funeral at the house, Apr. 13; burial at West Salem."

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