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Talbert, Tolbert, Talbott, Talbot

1928 Tolbert Family Reunion
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   The following is from a newspaper cut-out sent to Paula Talbert of Caldwell, Ohio from Elmer Tolbert of Colwich, Kansas in 1994; penciled in on the clipping is the date 1928:
    "McConnelsville, Aug. 16 -- The lineal descendants of two brothers, William and John Tolbert who came from Virginia and settled in Belmont county held their second annual reunion at Embree Park, Pennsville, Sunday.
    "A dinner was served in cafeteria style at noon from long tables arranged on the porch of the Shelter House.
 "In the afternoon a group of readings were given by Miss Lucille Kennon of Bethesda; a member of magic tricks were performed by Myron Tolbert of Morganville and a sing of sacred songs was enjoyed.  Those who attended included Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bolin and son Robert, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Tolbert, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. McGeath, Miss Lucille Gannon, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Bolin and son John, Bethesda; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Tolbert and sons, Harold  and John, Barton, O.; Isabel Tolbert, Morristown; Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Gilham and son Bernard, Eunice Mae Murphy, Barnesville; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Gilhan, Yorkville; Mrs. Lora Lynn, New Concord; Mr. and Mrs. Tell Tolbert and son Myron, Mrs. Dell Brown, Columbus; Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Tolbert and sons Myron and Elmer, Morganville; Lela Wright, Zanesville; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tolbert, Mr. and Mrs.W.C. Carr, children, Eula and Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ellis, Merrick Snearley, Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Wright, Malta."

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