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Talbert, Tolbert, Talbott, Talbot

William S. Talbott (1796-1886)
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 The following is from the "Wilson Scrapbook"; dated 9 Dec 1886:

  "AN OLD PIONEER GONE -- Mr. William Talbott, an aged and esteemed resident of this section, died at the residence of his son, Ellery Talbott, of Burton's Station, last Monday.  Mr. Talbott had reached the advanced age of ninety years but until within a few hours of his death retained all his faculties, and was a remarkably vigorous man.  His death was not the result of any special disease, but was simply the giving out of the vital powers, having already lived beyond his allotted three score and ten.  The deceased was one of the ancient landmarks of this neighborhood, and there are few of the older citizens who do not remember the well known figure of this gentleman, who for so many years traded in Barnesville.  Mr. Talbott leaves a number of children who are worthy citizens and do honor to his name.  Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon, and the remains interred in the Goshen graveyard."

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