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Talbert, Tolbert, Talbott, Talbot

Richard Talbott - Monroe Co., Ohio 1824

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Monroe Co., Ohio Court of Common Pleas
Journal 1 - page 33
March term, 1824 - one year allowed to administrators of Richard Talbott, deceased, to make final settlement.  On this motion, the court ordered that a further time of one year be allowed to the administrators of Richard Talbott, deceased, to make final settlement - order made at the June term, 1823, appointing Alexander Mayers, Daniel Dye, Jr. and Peter Witten, a committee to set off to Temperance Talbott her dower in and to the lands whereof said Richard Talbott died seized and saved and that they proceed to set off and return their report at the next term.
Journal 1 - page 107 - March term, 1826
This date came the administrators of the estate of Richard Talbott, dec. by F. Sherman, Esq. their attorney and presented the petition of the said administrators representing that the assets in the hands of the administrators are not sufficient to discharge the debts due and owing by said estate, and praying for the sale of the real estate of which the said Richard Talbott died seized and possessed, which said petition being read and understood by the court and the court do appoint S. S. Salisbury guardian ad litum of the minor heirs of the said decedent and order further that the pendancy of this cause be published in the Marietta and Washington Co. Pilot six weeks successive and this cause be continued.
Journal 1, page 120 - administrators of heirs of Richard Talbott vs. Heirs of Richard Talbott - James Witten, Peter Witten, and Alexander Mayers appointed appraisers to appraise real estate herein payed and this cause continued - Feb. term 1827.
Journal 1, page 132 - April term, 1827 - petition for sale in this same case - continued.
Journal 1, page 143 - August term, 1827 - Talbott case - continued
Journal 1, page 155, March tem, 1828 - Talbott Administrators vs. Talbott heirs - administrators authorised to make deed for said real estate to the purchaser thereof.
Record Book 2, page 156-158
Jesse Birch vs. Bemont Hubbard and Charles Talbott, administrators of Richard Talbott deceased.  This record shows that Jesse Birch claims that Richard Talbott purchased of him one Negro girl in April, 1806 for $151.82, in Virginia, for which he, Jesse Birch, had never received payment.
Journal 1, page 58 - Sept. term, 1824
Wm. B. Hubbard, attorney for Temperance Talbott, made report of commissioners appointed by this court to set off dower of said Temperance Talbott - the following tract of land lying and being in said county of Monroe [Ohio] a part of which is situated in Washington Co. [Ohio] as follows; on the south by the Ohio River, on the west and north by the original; on the east by Butler Wells -
                                    by the commissioners - Alexander Mayres,
                                                                    Daniel Dye
                                                                    Peter Witten

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